Unlocking the
power of industrial


We're working to transform industrial crops into biomanufacturing superstars. Our proprietary fermentation process results in molecules identical to ingredients derived from palm oil and fossil fuels, and ubiquitous in countless consumer products used globally.

By leveraging our science to catalyze industrial crops, we allow businesses the opportunity to make their same products with lower environmental impacts than those associated with more traditional production methods. Our success will continue to pave the way for innovative, industry-wide practices that prioritize sustainability.

Our advantage
is in our scale

Grounded in
sound science

Our founding partner Geno has two decades of proven success, scaling fermentation-based technology to drive massive market impact. We’re building upon that expertise and will use biomanufacturing to produce hundreds of thousands of tons of products that are identical to their less sustainable counterparts.

A powerful

Our differentiator is a combination of microbe efficiency and the proven ability to scale to commercial volumes. Design and development of each patented microbe and the associated manufacturing bioprocess are undertaken in parallel to arrive at optimal large-scale commercial outcomes—no guesswork involved.

Delivering drop-in

By providing one-for-one plant-based alternatives for the less sustainable chemicals derived from palm oil and fossil fuels, we allow global consumer brands to seamlessly integrate sustainable substitutes without sacrificing function or the efficacy consumers expect.

The macro view

A single molecule is agnostic about sustainability, but we are not. While our breakthroughs happen on a microscopic scale, our sights are always on the big picture. We pursue the hypotheses, opportunities, and large scale markets that will yield the biggest impact. By doing so, we hope to be a standard bearer across industries and a global partner in meaningful, lasting change.