Impact is our
North Star

Our first manufacturing project

A key part of our strategic vision is the investment in a state of the art biomanufacturing plant, owned and operated by Future Origins. Not only is this an important source of local economic benefits—including safe, well-paying jobs—but it is crucial to our aim of producing at speed and scale for maximum impact to global businesses.

The pillars of our initiatives


We are positioned to help companies reduce their reliance on unsustainable materials and ensure longevity. We can produce mass quantities with zero deforestation and help businesses achieve their sustainability goals.


We aim to work directly with sustainable farmers to help establish a significant market demand that will attract more producers committed to regenerative crops and job growth in their communities.


Our high-performance, plant-based chemical alternatives mimic the properties of traditionally sourced ingredients. Our factory capabilities will allow us to produce at scale and our biomanufacturing processes minimize emissions and waste.


We are working to build a trusted network with multiple stakeholders, including Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), corn farmers organizations, as well as climate and human rights advocacy groups, because we believe ultimate sustainability will only be achieved through collaboration.

“I have spent my career bringing chemical technologies to scale. Today, I'm proud to be advancing the sustainable materials revolution."

John Gugel, CEO