Drop-in alternatives
for widely-used
ingredients made
from palm oil

Our unique approach results in products with better
performance, produced within a resilient supply chain.

Sustainable alternatives for everyday ingredients to help reduce dependence on palm.

Better performance

Our fatty alcohols and acids will meet all relevant industry specifications with even greater consistency, because our technology unlocks efficiencies and design capabilities that are not possible with traditional processes. Our tightly controlled production methods ensure a consistent blend of chain lengths, which holds benefits for converters and formulators.

Better supply chain

Our ingredients are disconnected from traditional palm kernel oil market forces, including variable weather and trade restrictions. We aim to support the transparency objectives of our customers and partners, through traceability and transparency of our own supply chains, production and overall business practices.

Better impact

Not only does our approach utilize more efficient biomanufacturing, it is free of any deforestation. Our preliminary analyses estimate a significant reduction in greenhouse gases compared to conventional production methods derived from palm trees or fossil fuel sources, and we will conduct independent LCAs as we grow. These benefits can help major consumer packaged goods companies directly address their long-term sustainability targets.

Our Process

Future Origins is developing sustainable alternatives to critical ingredients in the formulations of everyday cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products. Its biotechnology-based ingredients are being produced at commercial scale to replace less sustainable materials that have traditionally been sourced from palm or fossil fuel feedstocks. Here is how we are doing it:



Future Origins is using the sugars from plant based feedstocks



Utilizing cutting-edge technology the glucose is fermented using proprietary engineered microorganisms.


Create Surfactant

The drop-in molecule is produced at commercial scale to be used as a surfactant


Home & Personal Care Products

Surfactant can lather and lift dirt in products like laundry detergent, dish soap and face wash.